Seawater Airconditioning:

For the development of Seawater air-conditioning systems Ecopower International has a cooperation with Deerns ( and Devcco ( ).

Deerns is one of the largest independent consultancy firms in the Netherlands, in the field of electrical, mechanical and energy engineering solutions and building physics. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, China, Spain and the United States, Deerns is internationally a trend setting company. Among others Deerns has experience with seawater HVAC systems.

Devcco Sweden has an extensive track record and experience from development, marketing and realization of large scale SWAC and district cooling projects on the global market. The company is a leading authority within the growing segment of SWAC and district cooling and has been engaged in more than 50% of the developments in Europe such as Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Vienna. Outside Europe the company is currently engaged in projects in the U.S, Middle East and in China.

Furthermore Ecopower International on project by project basis works together with leading engineering companies like Makai Ocean engineering inc. and Energy and Automation. Makai is an engineering company which is at the forefront of deep ocean engineering and a specialist in deep seawater pipeline, OTEC and cable design. Energy and Automation is a regional engineering company specialized electrical and cooling technology for buildings.

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