• Your Partner in Renewable energy project development

Ecopower International offers its network and know-how to develop renewable energy projects with or for you!

There are basically two types of partnerships that can be identified: project specific- and structural partnerships.

Specific partnerships

Specific partnerships are related to a specific project. These are generally with the project originators like utilities, governments, municipalities, land owners or other local parties.

Ecopower International prefers to works with strong local partners that can ensure a successful realization of local project development activities. These parties can be: Utilities, Governments, Property owners, Project Developers, Land owners, Equity providers etc.

Structural partnerships

Structural partnerships are for an unlimited period of time, based on a predefined set of criteria for the scope of projects to be developed. These are international/regional companies (like engineering companies or developers) which join the Ecopower International network to profit from its network in order to be able to get the synergy and momentum to develop sustainable energy projects regionally.

Ecopower International has access to a variety of financial institutions, such as equity providers, investment bankers, international (development) banks, commercial banks, pension funds and (export) insurance providers. Furthermore it has good relations and know-how of the international EPC and O&M parties.

Ecopower International is in the process of setting up some structural cooperation with key companies in its network in order to ensure financing, construction en operation of its projects.


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