• Up to 90% reduction on energy for cooling and Green House Gas
  • Up to 40% saving on costs for cooling
  • A natural hedge against Oil prices, up to 90%
  • A natural hedge against Oil prices, up to 50%
  • Less dependent on foreign fuel.
  • A great source of fuel saving.
  • One of the most attractive alternatives energy solutions

Ecopower International focuses on three main sustainable technologies. These are Seawater air-conditioning, Wind and Solar Power projects and Island solutions (Hybrid Wind Solar diesel systems).

Seawater air-conditioning

Ecopower International has extensive experience with the research and project development,  incl. finance of Seawater Air-conditioning systems.

Seawater air-conditioning is an innovative system, which uses cold seawater (between 6 and 10C) from the depths of the ocean as a coolant for the air-conditioning systems of buildings situated in a certain radius.

Anywhere around the globe where deep ocean seawater is available (deeper than about 600-800m) and where the slope of the ocean floor is sufficiently steep, the system can be applied. In moderate climates air-conditioning can also be delivered from thermally stratified lakes with a depth over about 20 m.  For higher water intake temperatures hybrid systems can be used.

A Seawater air-conditioning system is suitable for buildings (hotels, offices or industrial processes), which are cooled with conventional central air-conditioning, especially when chilled water runs through these buildings as a coolant.

Ecopower International delivers the development and operation of Seawater air-Conditioning system. Amongst others our services include: feasibility studies (suorce and demand evaluation, seabed surveys, pre-engineering, environmental evaluation), financial engineering, financing, contracting and negotiations, engineering, construction supervision and management, exploitation and operational services. Read more.....

Island Solutions: Hybrid systems

As the wind - (bio) diesel Bonaire projects proves, Ecopower International has a truly unparalleled experience in the successful Development and Construction of energy projects on small grids such as in the Caribbean. Given their unique location in the trade wind belt, wind is often the single most attractive yet under-utilized resource in island nations. Ecopower International will help to identify, develop and realize the most suitable solution! Read more....

Wind and Solar power projects

With over 15 years of experience the Ecopower International team has been involved the development and construction of approx. 100 MW wind projects both on- and offshore with a total investment of approx 200M USD..

With our vast experience in developing renewable energy projects Ecopower International is your ideal partner in any stage of Development or Construction of your project. Read more....


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