• Unprecedented experience with the development, finance and construction of:

    - Wind Power

    - Wind Diesel Hybrid

    - SeaWater Air-conditioning

  • Optimize use of  (local) resources
  • Technical & Economical feasibility
  • Investment risk analyses
  • Periodical analyses of operations
  • Operation Optimizing Strategy

Ecopower International has over 20 years of experience with development, finance and construction of Wind Power, Wind-Diesel Hybrid and Seawater Air-conditioning projects.

Ecopower International services consist of Project Development, Long term Energy planning, Feasibility and Due Diligence and Asset management.

Project Development and Construction

Ecopower international can perform all project development activities, but depending the experience and needs of the client the Ecopower International team and partners will tailor project development and realization roles for each party. Read more ............

Project development in general comprises of the following activities:

  • Project preparation and  management
  • Feasibility analyses, Detailed Resource analyses and Site identification;
  • Permitting
  • Technical Engineering
  • Financing
  • Procurement, Contracting, Construction Supervision and Contract Management;
  • Operations and maintenance structuring and Power Asset management.

Long term Energy planning (Island Solutions)

In particular for islands or other remote areas which are isolated from the national grid it is essential to first perform a long term energy planning study, in order to determine the optimum (Island) Solution. Ecopower International sets-up and coordinates this study for interested clients like island utilities or governments. Based on these studies Ecopower International helps the client to determine the implementation strategy and develop the project. 

Feasibility studies and Due diligence

Ecopower International performs project feasibility studies for all renewable energy systems like Seawater air conditioning, Wind, Biomass and Solar). These includes resource analysis, site evaluation, energy study, initial dimensioning, initial budgeting, financial analysis risk and SWOT analysis etc. Result is a report which can be used for determining the next steps in the development of the project.

Apart from feasibility studies for new projects Ecopower International also performs full due diligence on existing projects and project companies for investors interested in participating in a particular project or project company. Ecopower International gives the client a complete overview of all project related opportunities and ricks.

Asset management:

Ecopower International also offers asset management as a total solution for investors/owners during operation. Goal is the creation of added value for the investor/owner, by optimizing of the operation while taking into account the different contracts and risks. Asset management could also be extended to perform general management tasks supporting the general management.

A pro-active approach ensures the most optimal long term strategy for the operation. Items which can form part of the asset management service are:

  • Performance management
    • Perform periodical analyses of operational and business economic results and for the periodical and annual financial reports.
    • Perform long term strategic operation and investment planning.
    • Perform financial control and ensuring the required budget discipline and a stringent cash flow control of Ecopower management.
  • Contract management
    • Manage all contracts,
    • Represent the company, conduct negotiations, start new business relations with local and international companies for the supply of goods and services.
    • Manage external communication at all levels of society like government, stakeholders, and business associates. Maintain and ensure a positive company image.
  • HSE management
    • Quality control
    • Risk management
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