Project development
  • Tailored project development to fit your needs
  • Project funding, Equity and Debt 
  • Optimal financial structuring
  • Carbon Credits validation and  sales

Ecopower International team and partners have over 15 years of experience with the development, finance and construction of Wind and Solar Power, Wind-Diesel Hybrid and Seawater Air-conditioning projects.

Project development and Construction in general comprises of the following activities:

  • Project preparation (defining (and safeguarding) participant’s interests and contribution (tasks) with Non disclosure agreements, Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding and/or cooperation agreements and clear task division schemes)
  • Project management (planning, budgeting, stakeholder management strategy and implementation etc.);
  • Feasibility analyses (incl. initial resource analyses, site identification, stakeholder analyses, basic dimensioning and financial modeling);
  • Detailed Resource analyses and Site identification;
  • Permitting (Environmental Impact Studies, Building permits, Consents, Concessions etc.)
  • Technical Engineering (surveys, basic and detailed design etc.);
  • Financing (structuring, financial modeling, tax, development aid, etc.);
  • Procurement and Contracting (Power Purchases agreements (cooling or electricity), Engineering, Procurement and Construction agreements, Loan and Equity agreements, Operations & Maintenance agreements, Insurance, Fuel supply, Green certificate (CO2) purchase agreements;
  • Construction Supervision and Contract Management;
  • Operations and maintenance structuring and Power Asset management.

Depending the experience and needs of the client the Ecopower International team and partners will tailor project development and realization roles for each party.

Ecopower International is a privately held company owned by shareholders in the target region. Through its partnerships with financial institutions it will look for resources to fund development activities of a particular project. Once a specific project reaches the point of maturity where all necessary entitlements, permits, licenses, approvals, environmental certifications and power purchase agreements (sales) are in place, Ecopower International may than attract equity investments to enhance the capital base for debt-related financing for the construction of the production facilities, and required infrastructure.

Ecopower International creates optimal financial structures that enable to fund projects efficiently, achieve tax optimization, use carbon credits and make use of investment grants where possible. Also Carbon Credits validation and sales are a part of the development process, which Ecopower International make sure is timely addressed.

Experienced in making available a range of financial products, Ecopower International is also backed by an extensive international network of professionals to provide effective and efficient support in all our projects. This network comprises of strong relationships with financial institutions, tax advisors, auditors and legal advisors next to technical specialists.

Ecopower International, in combination with its business partners has specific expertise regarding the insurance of wind farms, which enables us to optimize the insurance arrangements for a third party investor.

Besides determining financial feasibility of projects and developing the optimal financing structure, Ecopower International approaches investors and banks for the financing of the project and coordinates the completion of the transactions.

The various areas of experience combine a wide range of financial products, allow Ecopower International to offer comprehensive financing solutions at every stage of a project, from development to construction to operation