Island Solutions
  • Unprecedented experience with the development, finance and construction of Wind-Diesel Hybrid systems
  • Island solutions
  • Long term energy planning

As the wind - (bio) diesel Bonaire projects proves, Ecopower International has a truly unparalleled experience in the successful Development, Finance and Construction of energy projects on small grids such as in the Caribbean. Given their unique location in the trade wind belt, wind is often the single most attractive yet under-utilized resource in island nations. Ecopower International will help to identify, develop and realize the most suitable solution! The wind to grid penetration level of more than 50% is unique.

The island solution is an interactive system using the locally available resources to minimize external dependency on imported fuels like oil, at social-economical acceptable costs. This concept consists of optimized interactive combination of available resources like Wind, Solar, Seawater air-conditioning, Geo Thermal, Hydro, energy storage, but also a conventional power plant (preferably of algae oil), Waste to energy and Desalination technologies. In most case a conventional power plant is still needed as base load and balance, as energy storage is still too expensive. At the center of the island solution is the power management system, which optimizes the use of each individual system to minimizing overall total costs.

In order to find an optimum island solution it is essential first to perform a long term energy planning study. Ecopower International can set-up and coordinate this study for interested clients like island utilities or governments. Based on these studies Ecopower International helps the client to determine the implementation strategy and develop the project.

The wind – (bio) diesel system on Bonaire, the Dutch Caribbean has been developed in the period 2005-2009. The system consists of Enercon E44 WTGs, total 10.8 MW, 14 MW bio-diesel generators, 3 MW backup generators and a 3MW battery pack. Total investment is approx. 63 MUSD. The project is currently being commissioned and is the largest such system in the world. With this system Bonaire will reduce its dependency on fossil fuels by approx 50%.. 


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