Wind and Solar Power
  • Involved in over 100 MW developed
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Wind/Diesel Hybrid  experience

The Ecopower International team and partners have been involved the development and construction of over 100 MW wind and 80MW solar projects.

Following are some of the projects, which are operational or are in development.

Wind projects:

  • 25 MW wind/diesel project Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, total CAPEX approx. 63M USD (operational since December 2009)
  • Kroeten Breda (NL), 850 kW turbine, operational since June 2004;
  • Ecopark Waalwijk (NL), 10 MW wind park and 770 kW PV installation, operational since October 2005;
  • Distridam (NL), 10 MW wind park, operational since June 2006;
  • Koegorspolder (NL), 44 MW wind park, operational from December 2007.  This is the largest onshore wind park in the Netherlands

Solar projects:

  • ca 80MW solar projects in the Netherlands in thier final development phase.    
  • Several Solar Thermal (waterheater) projects in the Netherlands.

With our experience in developing renewable energy projects Ecopower International is an ideal partner in any stage of Development or Construction of your project.

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