• Extensive experience with development and finance of Seawater Air-conditioning
  • A unique and proven opportunity with great potential for shore and island nations
  • Up to 90% reduction on energy for cooling and Green House Gas
  • Up to 40% saving on costs for cooling
  • A natural hedge against Oil prices, up to 90%

Ecopower International has extensive experience with the research and project development,  incl. finance of Seawater Air-conditioning systems.

Seawater air-conditioning is an innovative system, which uses cold seawater (between 6 and 10 °C) from the depths of the ocean as a coolant for the air-conditioning systems of buildings situated in a certain radius.

Anywhere around the globe where deep ocean seawater is available (deeper than about 600-800 m) and where the slope of the ocean floor is sufficiently steep, the system can be applied. In moderate climates air-conditioning can also be delivered from thermally stratified lakes with a depth over about 20 m.  For higher water intake temperatures hybrid systems can be used.

A Seawater air-conditioning system is suitable for buildings (hotels, offices or industrial processes), which are cooled with conventional central air-conditioning, especially when chilled water runs through these buildings as a coolant.

Some of advantages of a seawater air-conditioning system are:

  • Seawater Air-conditioning is proven technology:
    • Sweden, Canada (Toronto), USA (New York, Hawaii)
    • City cooling is common practice world wide
    • Commercially viable
  • Up to 90% reduction on energy for cooling and Green House Gas
  • Fixed and predictable cooling costs, which could be considerably lower than the total current annual cooling costs.
    • Up to 40% reduction in cooling cost for client
    • Very low maintenance.
    • Very low charge for peak electricity use (only 10% of electric capacity needed).
  • SWAC is a natural hedge against oil price fluctuations. No noticeable impact of oil/electricity price increase.
  • Practically no noise compared to noisy compressor units of chillers.
  • Low space requirement;
  • Highly reliable, redundant design, hurricane resistant;
  • Expansion plans of development could be covered.
  • Increases the asset value of the property, LEED and Green image.
  • Contribute to the sustainability of the energy supply and local economies
  • New economic sector of agriculture and aquaculture with “free” seawater effluent

Ecopower International delivers the development and operation of Seawater air-Conditioning system. Amongst others our services include: feasibility studies (source and demand evaluation, seabed surveys, pre-engineering, environmental evaluation), financial engineering, financing, contracting and negotiations, engineering, construction supervision and management, exploitation and operational services.

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