Theo Lendering

Theo Lendering (Project Development & Construction Director Offshore)

Theo Lendering was born in Curacao

Theo is the Construction Director Offshore within Ecopower International. He is responsible for Offshore engineering, procurement and construction management. He is presently also a senior advisor to various companies in the maritime industry. Theo resides on Curacao the Dutch Caribbean.

He worked as an expert member in a multi-disciplinary project-team for the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles, Department for Development Cooperation from 1978 – 1980. Subsequently he  worked for Curacao Drydock Company  (1980 – 1995), where he held various positions, production engineer, facilities manager and initiator and  director of various subsidiary companies, amongst others Astimar nv, a joint venture between Curacao Drydock  and ‘Obras Maritimas’ from Cuba, a dredging and marine contractor offering its services throughout the Caribbean and Central America. He was strongly involved in the restructuring process of Curacao Drydock and subsidiary companies.

From 1995 up to 2013 he has worked for the Dutch dredging and marine industry, HAM Dredging,  Ballast Ham Dredging and later Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors, all three companies being the same, merely changing name as a result of merging activities. Positions held were Branch Manager and Regional Manager Caribbean, northern part of South America and Central America.  Commercial activities extended to the whole region and projects were executed in Cuba, Dominican Republic, various islands in the Caribbean, ao Turks and Caicos, Martinique, Trinidad, Aruba, and on the South American continent, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Throughout the years he has gained expert knowledge of the maritime industry in the region and built an extensive network of players in this industry.

In 2013 he accepted a six month assignment as Interim Director of Holding Curacao Drydock Co, Inc. In preparation of a transition to a new Maritime Center in Curacao, being able to offer state of the art ship-repairs and conversions to the world shipping industry, in particular the market segment crossing the Caribbean, a market segment expected to grow substantially in the years after the opening of the new Panama Canal.


Theo holds a master’s degree in Coastal Engineering of the Delft University of Technology (1978).  Principle title of his master’s thesis is ‘Energy and/or fresh-water production for the Island of Curacao, using the temperature differences in the tropical sea as energy-source’.

He is fluent in English and Dutch (mother tongue), Papiamentu and Spanish.

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